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Roseanne: Predictor of the Future

Even then, people Roseanne was talking, but nobody was listening.  She’s been saying for years that she could never do a show like this now because this kind of working class family doesn’t really exist anymore.  She’s also expressed her more recent (and smart!) views on why this country needs a third party, which is pretty much the only reason she’s really running for President.  She’s not trying to win, she’s making a point.  Whether you like her or not, she’s at the very least provocative.

P.S. I like how, even on TV, politicians are so myopic.

P.P.S. I know Roseanne is crazy, that doesn’t mean this isn’t funny or true.

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A Movie I Won’t Be Seeing

Before I went back to school to become a teacher, I studied film.  I still love reading about and watching films and always make my students guess how many movies I’ve seen (somewhere around 2200…and I know there are more I’m not counting).  But there is one movie I won’t be watching.   This movie will join its recent propagandist siblings Waiting for Superman, The Lottery, and any other school that pretends to be about reform, but is really just another inaccurate portrait of our nation’s public education system created by Hollywood.  And it’s a shame because if there’s anything I’ve learned from teaching it’s that people believe movies all too often.  Let’s hope that’s just not true with this one.  I’m all about helping mobilize students and their parents to improve schools, but not at the cost of disparaging educators and the unions that help keep veteran teachers in the classroom and maintain any kind of professional dignity teachers are afforded.

Read about the film here and here.

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